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The Golden City of one Hundred Spires

Prague is described as a mysterious and enchanting city, during the 19th century it was thought to have one hundred spires, these days it is estimated to have about 500 towers and spires. It is the capital of the Czech Republic and one of the most popular destinations in East Central Europe, situated on the Vltava river.

The flights from Auckland to Prague take over 27 hours, depending on the airline and transit points chosen. Contact your local Global Travel Network Agent to find the best possible airfares and suggestions to design your ideal holiday.

Prague is mysterious, with an unexplainable connection between the city and the stars, some describe it as astrological magic that is unique to Prague to this day. That could be the reason why Prague managed to elude wars and disaster, allowing it to preserve its unsurpassed character and classic architecture style that visitors enjoy today.

Its spiky skyline is spectacular with towers that date from the medieval and Baroque era. The Baroque denotes a highly elaborate and extravagant style of European architecture, music and arts during the 17th and mid 18th century.

Highlights to visit are, the Infant Jesus of Prague – a Roman Catholic Statue of Jesus Christ as an infant, located in the Mana Strana in the heart of the city. The old Town Square has remained intact throughout the city’s history of invasions and is an ideal location to explore the local eateries and admire the beautiful architecture, witness the Astronomical Clock strike the hour in the old Town Square. Walk across the historic 14th century Charles Bridge, commissioned in 1357 by Charles IV to replace the older bridge damaged by floods. Visit the old Jewish Quarter situated between the Old Town and the Vltara river. During the 13th century Jews in Prague were forced to leave their homes and live in this area of the city. Prague Castle is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, aguably the largest ancient castle complex in the world. Many churches, towers, palaces, halls and other buildings are open to tourists. Golden Lane is a delightful cobblestone lane with tiny, brightly painted cottages where castle guards and tradespeople once resided. St Vitus Cathedral is the largest church in the Czech Republic with an extensive history. The construction started in 1344 however was not completed until 1929, it features gorgeous stained glass windows and statues throughout. The Lennon Wall in Prague is a wall of art and grafitti inspired by John Lennon in the 1980’s, with pieces of lyrics from the Beatles Songs. Lennon was an idol to the pacifist youth of Central and Eastern Europe during the totalitarian period.


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