Travel Partners Dunedin

Travel Partners Dunedin is owned and operated by long-time travel professional and ardent traveller, Denise Holmes. Denise has made a career out of turning travel dreams into reality. In a time when international travel can be bought with the click of a mouse, Denise has a philosophy about travel that sets her apart. She knows that the quality of the experience will remain long after the cost has been forgotten. GTN caught up with Denise and Sarah to find out more.

What do you like about being part of GTN?

GTN has amazing support. It’s great being part of a group of independent agents and getting to know them and finding out how they operate. I also like the GTN dedicated famils.

How do you define a great travel experience?

Something new. Well organised. Seamless. Smooth. Exciting. Business Class.

What do you think will change about travel and your business in the next five years?

I think fares will get more complicated, and changes will be harder to make. I also think with more people booking online, people are starting to have bad experiences and more people will be coming back to travel agents.

How did you get into the travel industry?

Denise: when I came back from London I got offered a job at Thomas Cook as a temp – because of my knowledge of geography.

Sarah: left high school and wanted to study something that I found interesting, so I did a NZ Travel & Tourism course.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

Denise: I’ve been a Rotarian for 20 plus years.

Sarah: I left high school at 16 to study travel and tourism.

Go Global! Strong partnership, Friendly staff, Competitive deals, Prompt responses!

Stan Zhang
Pro Travel

I am really impressed the way GTN proactively work to grow my business with theirs. I’ve GONE GLOBAL and am loving it!

Terri Small
Supreme Tours and Travel

Honest, efficient and reliable, all the qualities you need when you are in business


Jamie Currin
Simply Travel

Great company to work with – they get the best deals possible!

Virender Bakshi
Sky Travel

As a niche tour operator we are able to remain independent while enjoying the benefits of the GTN network and family.

Jill Grant

Super Team to work with and excellent support, the great team never fail to deliver.

Evelyn Lee
Midday Travel

GTN is “Awesome” ………..awesome staff, awesome deals just an awesome company that I am very lucky to work with.

Denise Holmes
Travel Partners Ltd