Just Fly Travel

Just Fly Travel was created by a team of technological experts with many years of experience in the travel industry. The team of travel agents is dedicated and committed to creating flawless vacations for customers. Global Travel Network caught up with Vaishali and Lafeer to find out what makes them tick.

How would you describe a typical day for you?

A normal day is quoting, pricing, booking, and reissuing tickets.

How do you define a great travel experience?

When people bring sweets for our good service, and when we have return clients. To build up that trust with clients so that they keep coming back and refer us to their friends and family is pretty special. Those clients make my day.

What inspires you?

I love to travel, and if someone is travelling I love to give them advice. People who come to us have dreams to go somewhere, and I can see myself in them. I’ve been so many places so I love to give advice and create experiences for them. Malaysia is one of my favourite places to go and to plan holidays for people at – I have seen Malaysia in and out.

What do you like about being part of the GTN family?

I love it – from my personal experience, the staff are very nice, very kind, reply quickly, and any time I need help even if it’s nothing to do with GTN I call Allen for advice or opinion. It’s hassle free. I’ve already been in ticketing and I know how hectic it is and it’s a relief. I can actually spend more time with my clients and quotations and all that type of thing.

What is your biggest frustration about the travel industry?

People changing their travel plans up and down, backward and forward. When the city changes obviously the prices change as well but people sometimes don’t understand that and it makes it difficult. Currently luggage changes with certain airlines is an issue.

What do you find hard about your job?

When people miss their flight and they call me in the middle of the night. I have to cancel the flight, rebook, or put them up in airport. Then people get frustrated when it costs them more. Minimum once a week we have to issue emergency tickets for people who have family emergencies so they have to travel, some people come into the shop with tears in their eyes. All we can do is our best for them.

What do you like the most about working in travel?

When the clients are really happy and they appreciate us.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give to someone first starting out in the industry?

Have patience. In this industry you need lots and lots of patience. No matter what happens things will always be alright. Be loving. You can meet any type of people these days in this industry. People come with their frustrations. They put their dreams in your hands. They often don’t understand the background logistics of travel, but you do so you can sit with them, make them relax and explain it to them.

What’s next for you?

I want to travel on a cruise – 64 days from America (Los Angeles) with my husband. For work I want to focus more on my career and the developments that are available, especially working with different airlines.

I am really impressed the way GTN proactively work to grow my business with theirs. I’ve GONE GLOBAL and am loving it!

Terri Small
Supreme Tours and Travel

GTN is “Awesome” ………..awesome staff, awesome deals just an awesome company that I am very lucky to work with.

Denise Holmes
Travel Partners Ltd

Great company to work with – they get the best deals possible!

Virender Bakshi
Sky Travel

Go Global! Strong partnership, Friendly staff, Competitive deals, Prompt responses!

Stan Zhang
Pro Travel

As a niche tour operator we are able to remain independent while enjoying the benefits of the GTN network and family.

Jill Grant

Super Team to work with and excellent support, the great team never fail to deliver.

Evelyn Lee
Midday Travel

Honest, efficient and reliable, all the qualities you need when you are in business


Jamie Currin
Simply Travel