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Supreme Tours & Travel

Therese (Terri) Small (pictured above right) started Supreme Tours & Travel with her mother in 1994 after a number of years working for an outbound tour company. Vikki Bell (pictured above left) joined the team in 2009. They offer special trips for the mature traveller both domestically and internationally.

How would you describe a typical day for you?

A typical day is really full of sales, of putting together documentation, of planning things for the future, advertising – we’re always busy. Some days it involves a glass of wine or three!

How do you define a great travel experience?

Something that’s well planned; something that makes you go ‘wow’; something that you wouldn’t do normally at home; a bucket list trip; something you’ve dreamed that gives you goose bumps. A goose bump experience is fabulous. Our tours are based on past experience, on what we would like to do, how we like to travel. If we like it then we think our clients will like it.

What inspires you?

Sharing this incredible world. Making sure that the products and the tours that we put together make our clients happy. We really do go the extra mile to make sure that they get the most out of their experiences.

What do you like about being part of the GTN family?

For me the word family says it all. It’s very inclusive, you see how everything works. Everyone is friendly including the other GTN members. That’s never happened to me before with other independent networks. I love that I can have input, particularly at managers’ meetings, and people are encouraged to offer that input, which I do.

What is your biggest frustration about the travel industry?

Funnily enough, my biggest frustration is my biggest gain – technology. New changes with IATA, new changes they’re bringing on board with how to conduct business. A lot of my time is spent dealing with learning this new technology and learning how things are going to be done.

What’s been the hardest moment in your career?

I don’t really have hard moments, you have moments every day.

What’s been the greatest/a highlight?

Coping with the Military Tattoo four years ago. We a lot of travellers down there at the time and it was like a military operation for us, we had to make sure everyone was where they needed to be. A lot of our clients are elderly so there was no room for error. We definitely felt a sigh of relief that it all went well.

How do you balance work and life?

Very easily – I think you have to draw a line between work and life. You have to be available 24 hours because the age group we’re dealing with are often retired so they call us often. But I always make time to be at home, to take a holiday, and I think Vikki and I work really well with that. Having Vikki helps tremendously – having someone that knows the business as well as I do. We have a really strong team.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give to someone first starting out in the industry?

Be prepared to learn from other people and be open to their advice. Decide where you would like to be – do you like people, do you want to be at the front end, do you want to focus on groups, or just New Zealand. Don’t be afraid to place yourself in front of people.
Something that we do every day, and something that we would advise newbies to do is to think outside the box. There’s always a way to get around a challenging situation. Today a lot of the people we deal with seem to stick within a certain parameter and are too quick to say ‘we can’t do that’ or ‘it can’t be done’. They are not used to looking for solutions to different problems.
Be prepared to do the hard work – it’s not all glitz and glamour, but it’s incredibly rewarding.

What is your life motto?

Treat people how you would want to be treated yourself – that’s how we put our tours together.

GTN is “Awesome” ………..awesome staff, awesome deals just an awesome company that I am very lucky to work with.

Denise Holmes
Travel Partners Ltd

We have used GTN since the beginning and find them very professional, quick and reliable. Never had any issues!

Scott Wagstaff
Silverstream Cruise & Holiday Centre

Super team to work with and excellent support, the great team never fail to deliver.

Evelyn Lee
Midday Travel

As a niche tour operator we are able to remain independent while enjoying the benefits of the GTN network and family.

Jill Grant

Mondo Travel have been a customer of GTN since 2016. The big difference with GTN, is that they actually care about our business. We get great support and advice when required and the team are responsive to our needs. Our team of Brokers are also very complimentary of the service GTN provide.

Chris Hammonds CEO
Mondo Travel

Great company to work with – they get the best deals possible!

Virender Bakshi
Sky Travel

GTN provides exclusive deals and offers, with a team of experts to support in every situation.  They are polite and quick to respond. We strongly recommend GTN services.

Gill Travels

Our agency has been with GTN from the beginning because it is such a great team with great values and vision for the travel industry. They’re honest and fair and really get to know your business to help you grow. Over the years we were able to mutually grow our businesses together through their encouragement and excellent advice. We had so many opportunities for Famils and conferences. Would 100% recommend joining the GTN family.

Peter Carpenter
Planet Earth Travel

We have been with the GTN team since they first started and they are professional, caring, willing to assist with any query and will go above and beyond to find fares to suit, even when we have the most ridiculous of destinations. Even in the hardest of times, they reach out to each and every one of their agents to make sure we are ok. Thanks for your ongoing support team.

Natalie Tambolash
World Expeditions

Exceptional! A professional, friendly, dedicated team. GTN, working with you is a real pleasure.

Lukas Napravnik

A truly outstanding independent travel agency group and ticketing consolidator and one I am so proud to work alongside. The team at GTN are knowledgeable, helpful and just generally interested in your business success and offer support where others have failed. Highly recommend!

Shona Bracey

The Consolidation team at GTN are excellent to deal with.  They are efficient and friendly, and when there has been queries with airlines or airfares, they have always sought answers and found solutions to the problem wherever possible.  The QuikTravel system is easy to use, as well as the additional information on the system around commissions, airline contacts, policies, as well as the summary of recent changes in fares & rules from airlines.  GTN is an excellent partner, and the small personal nature of the team is a good fit for our business

Paul Brydges
The Terrace Travel

Candid, transparent, approachable, proficient, proactive, dependable and impartial are a few words that describes this organisation. A real partnership and a great bunch of people.


Avatar Travels

Go Global! Strong partnership, friendly staff, competitive deals, prompt responses!

Stan Zhang
Pro Travel

I am really impressed the way GTN proactively work to grow my business with theirs. I’ve GONE GLOBAL and am loving it!

Terri Small
Supreme Tours and Travel

Honest, efficient and reliable, all the qualities you need when you are in business


Jamie Currin
Simply Travel

We moved to GTN in 2019 and have not looked back. We have found the entire GTN team fantastic to work with, honest, reliable and proactive. The GTN team have gone out of their way during the current COVID crisis, ensuring continued support and excellent communication.  Without hesitation, we highly recommend GTN

Tanya Roddam
YOURTravel & Tours, Kapiti Coast

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